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Technical Electives

Elective Courses for the ASE Curriculum***

Approved Aerospace/Technical Electives


(Prerequisites are in parenthesis)

Course Description
EM 4123 Introduction to the Finite Elements Method (Consent of Instructor)
EM 4133 Mechanics of Composite Materials (EM 3213, MA 3253)
EM 4143 Engineering Design Optimization (Consent of Instructor, same as ASE 4553)

Any 4000/6000-level ASE courses. Currently:

Course Description
ASE 4133 Automatic Control (ASE 4123)
ASE 4153 Advance Performance (ASE 2013)
ASE 4163 Introduction to Flight Test Engineering (ASE 3313, ASE 4123)
ASE 4223 Structural Dynamics (EM 3413)
ASE 4423 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (Consent of Instructor)
ASE 4433 Fundamentals of Numerical Grid Generation (Consent of Instructor)
ASE 4553 Engineering Design Optimization (Consent of Instructor, same as EM 4143)
ASE 4813 Advanced Orbital Mechanics (ASE 3813)


For students selecting the Aeronautics concentration:

ASE 3813 — Introduction to Orbital Mechanics (Grade of C or better in EM 2433, MA 3253, and MA 3113)

ASE 3823 — Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics (EM 3413, credit or registration in ASE 3813)

ASE 4443 — Spacecraft Propulsion (ASE 3333, ASE 4343)


For students selecting the Astronautics concentration:

ASE 3123 — Aircraft Attitude Dynamics (ASE 2113, EM 3413)

ASE 3313 — Incompressible Aerodynamics (Grade of C or better in EM 3313)

ASE 4413 — Aircraft Propulsion (ASE 3333, ASE 4343)


Please note that the following course is not acceptable as an Aerospace Elective:

EM 4213 — Advanced Mechanics of Materials (EM 3213) — ASE 3223 (Aerospace Structural Analysis) covers most of what is taught here. This course is for non-ASE majors.




*** Revised 3/18/2013