Pure Bending


In this section we will discuss the analysis of structures that are under the action of pure bending. As such, there will be no transverse shear force along the beam section considered. The problems of beam bending considered here are based on the Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory.

In this section we will examine the problems in which the bending moment is applied either symmetrically or unsymmetrically on homogeneous or non-homogeneous beams. In addition, we will discuss the elastic and inelastic bending of beams having symmetric or unsymmetric cross sections. The determination of neutral axis location for elastic and inelastic beams will also be discussed. The variation of bending-induced normal stresses on the beam cross section will be shown in several example problems. Finally, in this section we will discuss the bending of curved beams including the determination of the neutral axis and distribution of normal stresses.

  • II.1 Introduction

  • II.2 Elastic Bending of Homogeneous Beams

  • II.3 Elastic Bending of Non-homogeneous Beams

  • II.4 Inelastic Bending of Homogeneous Beams

  • II.5 Elastic Bending of Curved Beams

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