Lorenzo Coley

Coley LorenzoLorenzo Coley

313 Walker Engineering Building
501 Hardy Road
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Email: ljc47@msstate.edu

2010 Aerospace Engineering, M.S.
2007 Aerospace Engineering, B.S.

Lorenzo Coley recieved his B.S (Aerospace Engineering) from Mississippi State University in 2007, his M.S. (Aerospace Engineering)from Mississippi State University in 2010, and joined the Aerospace Engineering faculty the same year.

Teaching Areas
  • Dynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Data Acquisition

Taught Courses
Undergraduate Courses
  • ASE 4113 Aerospace Eng Lab I
  • ASE 4721 Aerospace Engineering Lab II
  • EM 2433 Engineering Mechanics II
  • EM 3313 Fluid Mechanics