Accelerated Program


Highly qualified undergraduates in the Bagley College of Engineering are encouraged to consider applying to the Accelerated Program in Aerospace Engineering. This program permits students to earn up to 9 hours of graduate-level coursework and earn both undergraduate credit and graduate credit simultaneously. Students must consult with the Graduate Coordinator to ensure graduate credit could be applied to a program of study for the graduate degree. Interested students should see Accelerated Programs for complete information and contact the department's Graduate Coordinator.

In addition to the University requirements, applicants in the Department of Aerospace Engineering must also meet the following requirements.

  1. Be enrolled at Mississippi State University in one of the eight Bagley College of Engineering programs
  2. Have at least 85 hours earned toward their respective B.S. degree
  3. Have an overall cumulative GPA of at  least 3.50

How to Apply

An application package consists of the following items, which must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator of the Aerospace Engineering Department.

  1. Application form (NOTE: Students wishing to pursue a thesis in their M.S. program must have the support of an advisor prior to applying for the program.)
  2. One page resumé.
  3. Contact information for three references (included on the application form). Ideal references are those who are knowledgeable about the academic abilities of the applicant. The department will contact these references to gather additional information as needed to determine the acceptability of the study into the program.

The Aerospace Engineering Graduate Coordinator will review applications three times a year to assess whether students possess those qualifications and interests that are indicative of successful completion of the Aerospace Engineering M.S. program.