Course Override Requests

Please read carefully

An override is a request for permission to register in a course when you receive an error message during registrations. Please understand that this request is not a guaranteed admission into the course. Override requests should be made with the department that owns the course. Example: Calculus I is a math course. You should contact the math department for an override.

When making override request you will need to submit the following information:

Name: Jane Doe

Net ID/ MSU ID: Jd123, 900111222

Course Information (Symbol, Number, section and title): EM 2413 01 Engineering Mechanics I

Type of Override: Prerequisite override

Term: Summer, Fall,  Winter or Spring (for summer request, please indicate 10-week, 1st 5 week, 2nd 5 week or Maymester)

    • Please remember that override requests are being made for both summer and fall.
    • It is important that you indicate the term.

Types of override: (most common request and Please do not say ‘Error Message’ )

    • Capacity – class is full
    • Prerequisites – you have the prerequisites and banner does not recognize them
    • Repeat – you have to retake a course

The most requested overrides are for prerequisites and class capacity. Prerequisite overrides are for students that already have credit (a grade) for the prerequisites and due to articulation it is not showing up in Banner properly. Prerequisite override is not for classes to be taken, in this case you should not request an override. Class Capacity is for a class that has full enrollment. If the class has not exceeded the room capacity or the instructor’s capacity, you may be granted permission to register for the course.