Rani Warsi Sullivan

Dr. Rani Sullivan

Welcome to the Department of Aerospace Engineering (ASE) website at Mississippi State University (MSU). The ASE department offers an enriching undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as challenging and exciting graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. 

Founded in 1935, the aerospace engineering program is one of the most established in the nation. Aerospace engineers are primarily focused on the design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of aircraft and spacecraft. At MSU, ASE students can pursue advanced studies in aeronautics (i.e., the study of aircraft that operate in Earth's atmosphere) or astronautics (i.e., the study of spacecraft that operate outside the Earth's atmosphere). 

The department provides a very warm and stimulating learning environment. A large fraction of the faculty have been recognized for excellence in teaching, which leads to very rewarding in-class experiences. In addition, our students benefit from experiential learning opportunities afforded through participation in ASE’s highly successful multidisciplinary student design teams, co-operative education program, summer industry internships, and challenging undergraduate research programs. 

The department boasts access to some of the best computational resources in the world through our affiliation with MSU’s High Performance Computing Collaboratory. Moreover, the college’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory is one of only a handful of university-based flight laboratories in the nation where students can conduct research involving the analysis, design, manufacture, and flight testing of full-scale aircraft and unmanned aerial systems. Our students develop a love of flight through a more fundamental understanding of aeronautics and astronautics. 

Upon graduation, ASE undergraduates are well prepared to enter the workforce as practicing aerospace engineers or to pursue advanced graduate studies in engineering. We wish you best of luck in your future endeavors!