Adrian Sescu, Ph.D.

Adrian Sescu

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Office: 314D Walker Engineering Building
P 662.325.2911


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 2011.
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2005.
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2004.

Research Areas

  • Receptivity and transition in boundary layers
  • Boundary layer control
  • Theoretical and Computational Aeroacoustics
  • Turbulence in fluids

Teaching Areas

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Turbulent Flows

Taught Courses

Undergraduate Courses
  • EM 3313 Fluid Mechanics
  • ASE 3313 Incompress Aerodynam
Graduate Courses
  • ASE 6990 Introduction to Aeroacoustics
  • ASE 8343 Incompressible Vis Laminar Flow
  • ASE 8353 Turbulent Flow

Select Journal Publications

  • Es-Sahli, O., Sescu, A., Afsar, M.Z., and Buxton, O.R.H. (2020) Investigation of wakes generated by fractal plates in the compressible regime using large-eddy simulations, Physical of Fluids, Vol. 32, pp. 105106.
  • Haywood, J., Sescu, A. and Adkins, K. (2020) Large eddy simulation study of the humidity variation in the shadow of a large wind farm, Wind Energy, Vol. 23, pp. 423-431.
  • Afsar, M.Z., Sescu, A. and Sassanis, V. (2019) Effect of non-parallel mean flow on the acoustic spectrum of heated supersonic jets: Explanation of "jet quietening", Physics of Fluids, Vol. 31, pp. 105107.
  • Afsar, M.Z., Sescu, A. and Leib, S.J. (2019) Modeling and prediction of the peak radiated sound in sub-sonic axisymmetric air jets using acoustic analogy based asymptotic analysis, Philosophical Transactions A, Vol. 377, Issue 2159.
  • Haywood, J. and Sescu, A. (2019) A Control Forced Concurrent Precursor Method for LES Inflow, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, Vol. 102, pp. 849-864.
  • Sescu, A., Alaziz, R., and Afsar, M.Z. (2019) Effect of Wall Transpiration and Heat Transfer on Nonlinear Gortler Vortices in High-speed Boundary Layers, AIAA Journal, Vol. 576, pp. 1159-1171.
  • Adkins, K. and Sescu, A. (2018) Analysis of near-surface relative humidity in a wind turbine array boundary layer using an instrumented unmanned aerial system and large-eddy simulation, Wind Energy, Vol. 21, pp. 1155-1168.
  • Sawaya, J., Yassir, S., Sassanis, V. and Sescu, A. and Visbal M. (2018) Assessment of the impact of two-dimensional wall deformations’ shape on high-speed boundary layer disturbances, AIAA Journal, Vol. 56, pp. 4787-4800.
  • Sescu, A. and Afsar, M. (2018) Hampering Gortler vortices via optimal control in the framework of nonlinear boundary region equations, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 848, p. 5-41.
  • Sescu, A., Taoudi, L. and Afsar, M. (2018) Iterative control of Gortler vortices via local wall deformations, Theoretical and Computational Fluids Dynamics, Vol. 32, pp. 63-72.
  • Goldstein, M., Sescu, A., Duck, P. and Choudhari, M. (2016) Nonlinear wakes behind a row of elongated roughness elements, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 796, pp. 516-557.

Select Conference Proceedings

  • Es-Sahli, O., Sescu, A., Afsar, M.Z., Hattori, Y. and Hirota, M. (2021) Effect of wall cooling or heating on streaks in high-speed boundary layers, AIAA Paper 2021-0853, AIAA Scitech Forum, Virtual Event.
  • Colby, H., Sescu, A., Afsar, M., Collins, E. and Azarpeyvand, M. (2020) Passive Noise Control Strategies for Jets Exhausting over Flat Surfaces: an LES Study, AIAA Paper 2020-2552, AIAA Aviation Conference.
  • Afsar, M., Sescu, A. and Leib, S. (2020) Improved jet noise predictions in subsonic flows using an approximate composite asymptotic expansion of the adjoint Green’s function in Goldstein’s analogy, AIAA Paper 2020-2572, AIAA Aviation Conference.
  • Afsar, M., Sescu, A., Gryazev, V., Markesteijn, A. and Karabasov, S. (2020) Analysis of the non-parallel flow-based Green’s function in the acoustic analogy for complex axisymmetric jets, AIAA Paper 2020-2507, AIAA Aviation Conference.
  • Es-Sahli, O., Sescu, A., and Afsar, M.Z. (2020) Nonlinear centrifugal instabilities in curved free shear layers, AIAA Paper 2020-2239, AIAA Scitech Forum, Orlando, FL.
  • Sescu, A., Afsar, M.Z. and Hattori, Y. (2020) Streaks in high-speed boundary layers: a view through the full nonlinear boundary-region equations, AIAA Paper 2020-0830, AIAA Scitech Forum, Orlando, FL.
  • Afsar, M.Z., Sescu, A. and Minisci, E. (2019) Modeling supersonic heated jet noise at fixed jet Mach number using an asymptotic approach for the acoustic analogy Green’s function and an optimized turbulence model, AIAA Paper 2019-2731, AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference.
  • Wang, X., Bhushan, S., Manshoor, B., Luke, E., Sescu, A., Hattori, Y., Thompson, D. (2018) Dynamic Hybrid RANS/LES Assessment of Sound Generation and Propagation from Flow of a Circular Cylinder, AIAA Paper 2018-3592, AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, AIAA Aviation Forum.
  • Haywood, J.S., Sescu, A., Bhushan, S., Foster, J. and Farthing, M. (2018) Towards a More Realistic Triple Hill's Vortex Synthetic Method for LES of Wall Bounded Flows, AIAA Paper 2018-0837, AIAA Scitech Forum, Kissimmee, FL.
  • Blake, J., Sescu, A., Thompson, D. and Hattori, Y. (2018) A Coupled LES/Stochastic Modeling Approach to Jet Noise Prediction, AIAA Paper 2018-1248, AIAA Scitech Forum, Kissimmee, FL.

Professional Memberships

  • Associate Fellow, AIAA
  • Member, ASME
  • Member, APS