James C. Newman, Jr., Ph.D.

James C. Newman, Jr.

Emeritus Professor

Richard H. Johnson Chair and W.L. Giles Distinguished Professor 
Office: 311E Walker Engineering Building


Ph.D., Virginia Polytechic Institute and State University.

Teaching Areas

  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Elasticity
  • Plasticity
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Fatigue and fracture

Research Areas

  • Aircraft structures
  • Materials
  • Fatigue and fracture

Funding Agencies

  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Office of Naval Research
  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Alcoa
  • S & K Technologies, Inc.


  • * Newman, J. C., Jr., "Numerical Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth" Chapter in Comprehensive Structural Integrity, Vol. 4, R. O. Ritchie and Y. Murakami, eds., Elsevier, June 2003.

Select Journal Publications

  • Wang, C. H., Rose, L.R.F. and Newman, J. C., Jr., "Closure of Plane-Strain Cracks under Large-Scale Yielding Conditions," Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, Vol. 25, No. 2, February 2002, pp.127-139.
  • Forth, S. C., Newman, J. C., Jr. and Forman, R. G., "On Generating Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds", International Journal of Fatigue, Vol. 25, May 2002, pp. 9-15.
  • Newman, J. C., Jr., James, M. A. and Zerbst, U., "A Review of the CTOA/CTOD Fracture Criterion," Engineering Fracture Mechanics Journal, Vol. 70, No. 3-4, pp., February 2003, pp. 371-386.

Select Conference Proceedings

  • Newman, J. C., Jr. and Phillips, E. P., "Prediction of Crack Growth under Variable-Amplitude and Spectrum Loading in a Titanium Alloy," ASTM/SF2M Symposium in Tours, France, May 2002.
  • Newman, J. C., Jr., "Advances in Finite-Element Modeling of Fatigue-Crack Growth and Fracture," Invited Overview Lecture at the Fatigue 2002 Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2002.
  • Newman, J. C., Jr., Schneider, J. A., Forth, S. C. and Forman, R. G., "On Generating Crack-Growth Rates in the Near-Threshold Regime," International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials IV, Hyannis, MA, September 2002.

Honors and Awards

  • Chi Epsilon
  • Tau Beta Pi
  • NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 1981
  • NASA Medal for Exceptional Engineering Achievement, 1990
  • NASA Superstars in Aeronautics Award, 1998
  • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), George R. Irwin Medal, 1981
  • ASTM Fellow, 1986
  • Boeing, Silver Eagle Award, 2001
  • U.S. Air Force, John W. Lincoln Medal, 2001
  • NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, 2002

Professional Memberships

  • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)