Mississippi State University Soaring Club


  1. The club will remain a not-for-profit organization as originally chartered. The original corporate identity will be maintained. Corporate officers will be the board of directors of the club, who will share responsibility for maintaining the firm financial footing and safe operation of the club.
  2. The club board of governors have been chosen from qualified individuals who have indicated a willingness to accept their respective responsibilities, and who have demonstrated proper background qualification for their position.
  3. Initially the club will be operated with a limited number of directors in positions combining several areas of responsibility. Those directors will be responsible for promulgation of all policies and normal operating procedures. The committee that has been forging the reorganization recommended the following individuals for these positions, and they have accepted their responsibilities.
  4. A president (George Bennett) and vice-president (Tom Hannigan) were chosen from among the board members. As club operations increase and properly qualified individuals indicate a willingness to accept responsibilities, the combined positions will be separated and the number of board members increased pending approval at the next general meeting of the club.
  5. The scheduling of club activities will be via the club web site or by phone to Tom Hannigan (325.7302 or cell 312.6673). Individuals desiring to fly should plan to ground crew for the flights before and/or after their flight.
  6. The fees to be charged are summarized in the table below. Note that paying initiation fees and yearly dues in advance will result in a $40 savings. The advance collection of a number of members is necessary to begin operations with insurance premiums paid in advance. These fees will be evaluated and modified by the board of directors of the club on an ad hoc basis.
  7. Payment of fees should be on a pay-as-you-fly basis to avoid the hassles and expense of billing and collection. Payment should be in the form of a check indicating what fees are being paid in the remarks section to ease accounting. All charges and payments must be logged into the club flight log and transaction register, which will be available at the field when flying is being conducted. In the event payment is not made at the flying field, payment should be mailed to the club financial officer immediately upon returning home. MSU Soaring Club ATTN: Financial Officer, P.O. Box A (Mailstop 9549), Ms State, MS 39762


President/Safety Officer/Chief Instructor:
George Bennett

Vice-President/Operations/Financial Officer:
Tom Hannigan

Maintenance Officer:
Bill Page

Raspet Flight Reseach Laboratory/Aerospace Engineering Advisor:
Phil Bridges

Membership Representative(s):
Jamie Jones

Soaring Club Fee Structure

Membership CategoryRegular (local)Out-of-TownStudents
Initiation Fee$100$150$50
Monthly Fee$20n/a$10
Tow to 2000′$30$35$25
additional 1000′$10
Pattern Tow Only$20
Practice Rope Break$15
Aircraft rental per flight (per hr over 1 hr)$10
Instructor Fee (per flight)$0
Retrieval Fee (for cross-country flights)cost

For more information

Mailing Address:
MSU Soaring Club
Department of Aerospace Engineering
P.O. Box A (Mailstop 9549)
Mississippi State, MS 39762 USA

Voicemail: 662.325.7302

Fax: 662.325.7730

Email: msugc@ae.msstate.edu