Approved Mathematics / Science Electives

The following courses are approved as math or science electives for the aerospace engineering curriculum.
Other courses may be elected, with special approval of the department head.

IE 4613Engineering Statistics IMA 1723
MA 3353Differential Equations IIMA 3253
MA 4133Discrete MathematicsMA 3163 or Consent of Instructor
MA 4143Graph TheoryMA 3113 or Consent of Instructor
MA 4153Matrix and Linear AlgebraMA 3113, MA 3253
MA 4163Group TheoryMA 3163 or Consent of Instructor
MA 4173Number TheoryMA 3113
MA 4243Data Analysis IMA 2743, co-requisite MA 3113
MA 4373Introduction to PDEsMA 3253
MA 4523Introduction to ProbabilityMA 2733
MA 4533Probability of Random ProcessesMA 3113, MA 2743
MA 4543Introduction to Mathematical Statistics IMA 2743
MA 4733Linear ProgrammingMA 3113
MA 4753Applied Complex VariablesMA 2743
*PH 2233Physics IIIPH 2223
PH 3063Astrophysicsco-requisite PH 3613 or Consent of Instructor
PH 3613Modern PhysicsPH 2233, MA 2733
PH 4113Electronic Circuits for ScientistsPH 2223, MA 2733
PH 4213Intermediate MechanicsPH 2233, MA 2733
PH 4323Electromagnetic Fields IPH 2233, MA 2743
PH 4513OpticsPH 2233 and MA 2733

*applicable only for Fall 2020 and future curriculum


The following courses are approved as math or science electives; however, they do require additional prerequisite course(s):

MA 4313Numerical Analysis ICS 1213 or equivalent, MA 3113, MA 2743
MA 4323Numerical Analysis IICS 1213 or equivalent, MA 3113, MA 3253
MA 4633Advanced Calculus IMA 2743, MA 3053
PH 4413Thermal PhysicsPH 3613, MA 2743
PH 4433Computational PhysicsPH 3613, MA 3253
PH 4613Nuclear Particle PhysicsPH 3613
PH 4713Introduction to Quantum PrinciplesPH 3613, MA 3253
PH 4813Solid State PhysicsPH 3613