The topics discussed in this section deal with transverse shear loading of unstiffened or thin-walled stiffened beams with CLOSED cross sections. Such beams are generally referred to as BOX Beams. The methods of analysis discussed here are relevant to airplane wing, tail, and fuselage structures. However, more reference is given to aircraft wing structures composed of a single-cell or a multiple-cell closed box beam.

Topics covered:
Flexural shear stress, shear flow, shear center of unstiffened and thin-walled stiffened sections.
Sections 1 through 4 deal with uniform beams whereas sections 5 and 6 deal primarily with nonuniform and tapered beams in which the cross-sectional moments of inertia are not constant.

Restrictions: The beams are considered to be homogeneous and elastic.

  • IV.1 Single-Cell Unstiffened Box Beam: Symmetrical About One Axis

  • IV.2 Statically Determinate Box Beams With Constant-Shear-Flow Webs

  • IV.3 Single-Cell Multiple-Flange Box Beams. Symmetric and Unsymmetric Cross Sections

  • IV.4 Mulitple-Cell Multiple-Flange Box Beams. Symmetric and Unsymmetric Cross Sections

  • IV.5 The Determination of the Flexural Shear Flow Distribution by Considering the Changes in Flange Loads (The Delta P Method)

  • IV.6 Shear Flow in Tapered Sheet Panels

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